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Kilimanjaro climbing prices

Climbing Kilimanjaro successful at affordable rates



Get online mount Kilimanjaro climbing routes, weather, duration (days) and prices.

Kilimanjaro routes, weather


When thinking of climbing mount Kilimanjaro trip, consider getting information on weather and seasons. When you know about mount Kilimanjaro weather and seasons, they you can choose best time to go. Climbing Kilimanjaro, arrange best time is one of the travel tip to trekking successful to the summit of Kilimanjaro. You will be able to choose favorable route, number of days and plan acclimatization. Getting enough time to acclimatize, you increase your chances for success going to the Kilimanjaro Kibo peak top.


For current information on Kilimanjaro weather, contact Jungle Adventure Tanzania Safaris:- Your professional Licensed Kilimanjaro climbing outfitter. Weather is something which can change as you know Global warming affecting World geography.



Kilimanjaro Prices and booking information


Note that price various depending on many factors, one is choice of route, and more like number of days and quality. Jungle Adventure Tanzania Safaris Ltd provides quality Kilimanjaro climb trips on affordable prices to many tourists. Does not charge very high for big profits rather does not offer very cheap prices as very low price may sacrifice the quality.

Which routes used for Kilimanjaro trekking and how does it cost to climbing Kilimanjaro. Machame,Rongai,Marangu and Umbwe needs minimum 6 days, while Lemosho and Shira needs minimum 7 days. There is option of adding extra acclimatization day.


If you can compare between 7 summit Mountains price, Kilimanjaro climbing is not cheap, you can understand this. Also there is difference between Travel Agents and Local Tour Operators, prices differ slightly. There are more than 800 licensed operators on Mount Kilimanjaro. Making choices of Tour Operator to offer you trip is not easy but consider main points like weather, professionalism.


If you make window shopping, check operator with enough information and compare prices from few operators. Don’t make decision based on price only; consider also other factors like food menu, equipments and professional guides. Ask and get that information free of charge. Just see our Kilimanjaro rough price estimate. It is not firm price, Contact us and we can discuss and agree on booking price to meet your interests and budget.




Prices included are: Airport pickup/transfers, 2 nights at budget Hotel on arrival, all fees, accommodation in the mountain, food, water, guides, porters, cook, and walking sticks.


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