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 Walking Safari, Ecotourism, Cultural Tourism and Souvernirs

Eco-Tourism and Walking Safaris

Ecotourism,bird watching,rock climbing,wildlife safaris and biking in Tanzania.

Camping safaris is ideal for responsible travel model we choose to conserve environment. Cycling and mountain biking is ideal to reduce impact on environment.

The International Ecotourism Society (TIES),
An International Non-Profit Organization

TIES defines ecotourism as "responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the well-being of local people."


These are some of the service you are going to Experience when you choose JATL.

Camel Safaris,Canoeing,Crafts visits,Dhow trips,Dolphin viewing,Farm visits,Fish farms,Guided tours,Snorkeling,Spice tours,Sport fishing,Walking Safaris,Museums,


Bird watchers,Butterflies, camping safaris,budget camping safaris,walking safaris trips, and more.



Bird watching along the coast of Tanzania in Miombo woodlands

-         Amboni caves Tanga

-         Mafia island

-         Arusha National Park

-         Mt. Udzungwa National Park

-         Mt. Kilimanajaro National Park .5895m.

-         Mt..Meru 4681m


You will see most endemic species of birds and flowers like

African Violet-(St Paulia spp.)


Bagamoyo-The famous historical site for slave and Ivory Trade and a prominent entry Port along the East Africa coast until last century.Bagamoyo  town holds some of the important history of Africa.  It is in this town that Christian Missionaries of Tanganyika established their first mission in the 19th century and was the first capital of the German colonial rule before it was shifted to Dar.


The urge to declare the Bagamoyo town to be in the list of world Heritage site has been risen because of the tourist cultural and historical significance. Bagamoyo is ideal for beach holidays, historical tours. Bagamoyo beach areas is private and offers more relaxation than Zanzibar island beach resorts or Mombasa beach hotels.


At the moment Tanzania has seven world Heritage sites, Zanzibar stone town, Kilwa Kisiwani (Songo Mnara ruins in Lindi region, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro Crater.


Serengeti National Park and the Selous Game Reserve.

With Jungle Adventures Tanzania, a dedicated tour company you can visit and acquire memorable insight of all six world heritage sites.With us it is possible with limited budget people to enjoy too.


Mind you globally there are 600 world Heritage sites designed by UNESCO for their global cultural and natural significance.Also we organise, host and coordinate all educational, study tours and research for school children, college students and researchers at reasonable and affordable price usually at your budget limit.We have experience on organizing this.


         They will learn;

-         Natural resource

-         Agricultural farms

-         Ecotourism areas

-         Cultural diversity of Tanzania

-         Historical monuments and museums

-         Coast beaches & activities ventures.

-         Crocodile and Laibon Trekking


Amani nature reserve is a part of east Usambara mountain ranges composed of ancient crystalline rocks, which are said to be very old.  The high degree of its resource endemism and floristic diversity supports the theory of long time; altitude is 300m to 1130m

Boat excursion in Lake Manyara National park, Seleous Game reserve and Lake Victoria, fishing and bird watching. Chimpanzees & Sitatunga in Rubondo Island, and Mahale Mts, National Parks.


This can be best viewed best by walking safari option, Taking photos and films are other benefits. You can also here the voices of next kin to human being.


Walking Safaris
An adventure not to be missed to explore the Tanzanian wilderness on foot - a rare opportunity in African parks and to the game reserves. Even more exciting are walking safari's lasting several days accompanied by armed ranger, porter, cook and our professional maasai guide and a donkey as a taxi to carry your staff, camping equipment, and food, walking into deep bush setting a camp each evening in a scenic spot and a meal prepaid by our cook under campfire. Places for walking safaris Selous game reserve, Arusha Park and Ngorongoro highlands.

Oldoinyo Lengai is the only active Sodium Carbonite Volcano in the world. This trip will take you to Lake Natron to view the flamingo breeding centre as well as taking you to the summit of this amazing volcano. This trip is 4 days long and is perfect to take either beforeor after a Kilimanjaro Climb. Trekking around this ngorongoro highlands areas in important to get enough acclimatization before climbing mount kilimanjaro.


 This 10 day trip takes you hiking round Ngorongoro crater and the surrounding area and also includes a climb of Oldoinyo Lengai.


 Highland trek. It is a 7 day adventure which covers slightly less ground than the Highland trek but also includes a climb of OldoinyoLengai. Perfect as an add on to a Kilimanjaro Climb.


We drive to the Ngorongoro Carter for spectacular game viewing.


We drive to the Ngorongoro Carter for spectacular game viewing.

Within this crater are most species of East Africa's wildlife, including the rare Black rhino and large prides of lion. High above the crater Maasai guides lead us on a four -day trek in the Conservation areato view the many species for which the reserve is famous.

JATS Ngorongoro Highlands Trek - 6 days / 5 nights

Day 1:
Drive to the village of Nainokanoka at the base of Olmoti Crater.Dinner and overnight stay at

Naikonaka village.

Day 2:
Now the long trek begins. Donkeys are supplied to carry camping equipment and food. Backpackers are encouraged to carry as little as possible. Six hours' trekking brings you to

 a Maasai water hole. Dinner and overnight stay at the Maasai water hole.

Day 3:
Trek continues up to and beyond the Empaakai Crater. Campis set up near a Maasai school. There is plenty of water here, plus toilets. Seven hour walk and have meals at the Camp.

Day 4:
This day consists of nearly all-downhill trekking (approximately 7 hours). Camp is set up at the foot of Oldonyo Lengai. Wateris very scarce in this area, but enough water is carried for

 drinking, cooking, and washing.

Day 5:
Midnight start to attempt Oldonyo Lengai around 9:00 am. Arrive at the camp for breakfast then go to visit nearbyMaasai village, take a dip under waterfalls, and walk up to

 Ngarasero river camp for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 6:
Return to Arusha by vehicle. We can also arrange for anextra day's walk to Lake Natron to see a variety of speciesof birds and spend a night at Lake Natron campsite.

The tourcan also be combined with a wildlife safari or cultural safari to

the tribes of Datoga and Hatzabe in Lake Eyasi.


Arrival Services Transfer to Arusha. If you are coming from Nairobi we will arrange a express shuttle bus to pick you up from your Hotel or Nairobi Airport the 1st shuttle leaves at

 7:30am and the 2nd leaves at 2:00pm.we If you arriving to Kilimanjaro

Airport we will meet you at the Airport or shuttle terminal and transfer to

your hotel in Arusha or proceed with safari

bringing you closer to nature to the sound and rhythms of the wild. Specialities in individual, honeymoon,and group tours. Tailor made programes to suit your choice& budget, now submit your ideas

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Experience life with local People-Cultural Tourism

Walking Safari, Bird Watching

Interested in Camping Safaris?

Volcanic Mountains Expeditions activties including trekking, climbing, hiking, walking safaris. Mountains included are Kilimanjaro, Meru, Oldonyo Lengai ( Active Volcano), Kenya.

News, between 20th March to 29th March 2006 lava have been flowing out of Oldonyo Lengai. We hope there is slight increase of Rock masses on the mountain.

Enquire now, Information is free of charge.


Mountaineers likes to see active Oldonyo Lengai Volcano


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